The Reality of Chiropractic Care

Thrive /THrīv/ verb: to grow or develop well or vigorously; prosper; flourish. Would you rather Thrive or just survive? Most people will quickly respond: Thrive! Sadly, many are just surviving with chronic migraines, managing their allergies, and are coping with children who experience colic, reflux, and sensory disorders. While you may relate to those conditions, you might be asking yourself how chiropractic could help. Unfortunately, the common misconception that chiropractors only treat neck and back pain prevents people from truly thriving!

The Reality of Chiropractic Care

Although chiropractic care is generally associated with helping neck and back pain, the reality is chiropractors actually focus on the nervous system. The reason we adjust the spine is because it houses and protects the spinal cord and the spinal nerves that go between the brain and the rest of the body. Consider your cell phone. What happens when the cell signal is poor? You lose the connection and the call gets dropped. The same thing can happen in your body. Abnormal spinal alignment causes a loss of normal brain/ body connection that leads to a life that is less than 100%.

Are you Really Lucky?

As a chiropractor, people often tell me, “I’m lucky. I have never needed to go to a chiropractor.” They may very well be lucky. However, consider how you would know when your body is functioning at less than 100%. According to spinal biomechanics expert Chang Ha Suh, PhD, “The weight of a dime on a spinal nerve will reduce nerve transmission by as much as 60%.” Since only about 10% of the nervous system actually transmits feeling (pain), how would you know when your function and health are only 50%?

One Goal

The single goal of chiropractic is to adjust the spine so that nerve transmission is restored. Knowing this, the best time to be checked by a chiropractor is actually regardless of whether or not you have symptoms! In fact, new research just this year has found that  chiropractic adjustments not only restore that nerve transmission, but they can improve the function of the brain by 20%! Now that is thriving!

Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

The best part of my day is when I adjust an entire family. Sometimes I see dad, mom, kids, and grandparents one after another! My desire is to care for families of Ocala/Marion County in the same way I care for my own family. Regular Chiropractic care helps you to not only survive but Thrive!

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