Chiropractic Care for Families

Have you ever watched America’s Funniest Videos? On any given episode you can find yourself chuckling over kids falling off slides, knocking each other down on the dance floor, or tripping over the dog. In most cases a kiss from mom and a bandage makes it all better or does it?

Kids are resilient, right?!? Just rub a little dirt on it and send them on their way. Unfortunately small boo-boos become big problems when they accumulate over time. A trip and fall is a small thing that will become a big thing, as an injury to the nervous system can cause unseen damage. Immediately scar tissue begins to build up, and just like an onion, more layers begin to form, impacting nerve transmission to vital organs. On top of the physical injuries that occur frequently to our little ones, emotional and chemical stress may also be the culprits of even more undetected nerve system damage and interference.

Every time our kiddos fall, experience emotional distress, or get exposed to chemicals, the nervous system can be impacted. It only takes the weight of a dime to interfere with nerve function, and since less than 10 percent of the nervous system transmits feeling, having no pain does not mean all is well. In fact, the primary purpose of the nervous system is to ensure our body is functioning optimally. When the brain can communicate effectively with the body through the nervous system, health prevails. Unfortunately, when the nervous system is damaged by physical, emotional, or chemical stressors, it leads to the perfect storm of disease and dysfunction.

If you are thinking “I’m sure my kid(s) have never experienced anything that could cause such a big problem”, let me give you some examples to consider. Birth - Yes, researchers have found that even with a “normal” birth, there is an 80% chance of injury to the child. Learning to Walk - In one study, researchers found that toddlers fell 17 times an hour on average. As kids age we add the stress of heavy backpacks, sitting in class, sitting in front of the computer/TV/tablet, and sports (gymnastics, football, soccer, cheer, etc.). And these are just the physical stressors! Chemical stresses can include toxins in our air, water, and soil, poor food choices, household cleaners, and even medications. Finally, mental stress, while not commonly associated with children, is increasing as test scores are emphasized and schedules become more chaotic.

Whether your child is symptom-free or experiencing digestive issues, dealing with allergies, or struggling with ADHD, chiropractic care may be able to help them be their very best. As a chiropractor, I help entire families be their best by removing nerve interference with the ultimate goal of restoring normal function. If you or your children have never been checked by a chiropractor, the best time is now! Call Thrive Chiropractic to schedule your first visit…because the little things matter!

Thanks for reading