That’s It?
When people begin care in our office, one of the most common questions we get after an adjustment is, “That’s it?” There seems to be some confusion initially about how small the amount of force that was put into your body in the location it was given is going to be enough to bring about the desired result.

There are a few different issues to cover here, so let’s look at them one at a time…

  1. Why do you sometimes give me an adjustment where my pain is and other times you work somewhere else? Think of the last time you were in a traffic jam. You noticed the problem where YOU were, but was this necessarily where the problem was? If you are the cause of a traffic jam, then it is necessary to work right where you notice the problem. However, what if the cause of the congestion is somewhere else down the road? Even though you noticed the problem where you are at that moment, the cause of the problem (which is somewhere else) must be cleared, and then you will notice an improvement where you are as well. The same thing is true of the subluxation process. Sometimes you notice a problem right where the subluxation exists (and many times you may not notice at all!). We always give the adjustment in a place that will most effectively empower the Innate Intelligence of the body to resume OPTIMAL function in all areas of the body.
  2. How can those low-force adjustments really make any difference? Anyone who has ever gone to sleep with a mosquito in the room knows how a tiny thing can change an entire room! Here are three more examples of how small things can make a HUGE difference…
    1. There are two ways to open a door. One way is to force your way through it with a battering ram; the other is to find the right key and gently turn it.
    2. If you move a kaleidoscope just 1⁄4 turn, the entire picture changes before your eyes.
    3. If you change just one digit in a telephone number, it will take you to an entirely different place.You see the truth is, some lightning bolts come in the form of a whisper. Our approach to your care allows us to be so incredibly accurate with our adjustments that we rarely have to use more than a minimal force.
  3. Will I get the results I’m looking for? A question you may hear us ask in response is, “What is your ultimate goal for your health?”-Is it to have less of something (i.e. less pain, less muscle spasm, less inflammation, less disease, less restriction, etc.)?or-Is it to have more of something (i.e. more energy, more movement, more joy, more freedom, more ease and peace, more ability to do what you love)?

    Our goal is to help you consciously express the Innate Intelligence of the body as completely as possible. AND, it is important to understand that progressively expressing your purpose and potential in life is a PROCESS, and all processes take TIME! Understand that as the adjustment process continues, and as you progressively make health-creating lifestyle changes and improve your focus, your life energy progressively heals your body in the way and in the order that will most effectively allow you and your family to unfold into your potential. This is what wholeness is all about!

    Lastly, an important question we love to ask is, “How do you remove the darkness from a room?” The answer, of course, is that you don’t! You ADD LIGHT! And, as light comes, it fills the darkness. The same is true of everything in life, including your health. We trust that as the conscious expression of your life energy is steadily increased, your natural state of EASE will progressively return. So if you ask me, “Is that it?” My response will likely be,

    “That’s Plenty!”

Thanks for reading