How Do the Light Touches in Network Care Work?

Have you ever stopped and appreciated how amazing your body is? Every second of every day, there is an incredible number of processes that occur in each of trillions of cells in your body! The way in which all the organ systems work individually and together is like a beautiful symphony orchestra. At any given moment you can appreciate the melody of one instrument while still hearing how the others magnify the music with their harmonies.

Hormones rushing around, trillions of chemical reactions, lungs breathing, heart beating, stomach digesting, intestines and kidneys excreting. You are thinking, moving, repairing, growing, reproducing, seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling…all without a conscious thought of most of those actions!

Trying to comprehend all that goes into keeping us alive and healthy is really quite staggering. Our brain processes 11 trillion bits of information–every second! Yet, we are conscious of just 40-50. So much is happening on a subconscious level. This is by design. Just imagine if you had to consciously control every time your lungs took a breath or your heart took a beat. You’d be walking down the street and fall over because you’d forgotten.

We tend to take our bodies for granted and even abuse them with poor nutrition, inadequate rest or movement, and a myriad of other stresses that add up over time. Our bodies are able to adapt and compensate around many stressors, but they ultimately decompensate and break down, resulting in pain, symptoms, and other effects on health. It’s generally only once we lose our health in some way that we really appreciate it!

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I’m fortunate to be in a position to marvel at bodies every day, from the newborn baby brought in for their first adjustment, to the 93-year old whose body is still going strong. The reason Network Spinal Care works is that it taps into your body’s incredible wisdom, faciliating your body healing from the inside out.

How do the light touches in Network Care work?

I love when someone gets off the table at their first visit and looks at me quizzically as if to say, “You barely touched me yet I felt my body relax, tension release, my breath deepen, and my mind calm down. How on earth does it work?”

Well…in a nutshell, the precise touches in a Network Spinal Adjustment send powerful signals to your brain to let go of stored tension and stress.

The first thing to understand is your body works as a whole, and it’s our brain that controls EVERYTHING. Through your nervous system, it monitors, coordinates, and responds to everything inside and outside of you, keeping you alive and as healthy as possible.

Whenever there’s tension in your body it’s most often created by your brain as a means of protecting you from unresolved stress–anything that’s a challenge to you - physically, psychologically, or chemically. Your body has engaged with it, but then not fully let go, either because the stress is too big or it’s ongoing. Layers of stress build up, leading to significant physical tension and distortion, as well as psychological and emotional wind-ups.

Talking to Your Brain

In a Network Spinal Adjustment, we’re directly communicating with your brain to address this unresolved stress. The contacts are at the anchor points of the tension patterns in our spine, at either end where your spinal cord hooks in. Precise contacts help your brain find the stored tension and stress. It’s like it runs a sophisticated self-diagnostic to detect problems.

Gentle Wake Up Calls

It’s the gentleness of the touches that get your brain’s attention in a whole new way. When your brain is stuck in stress mode, the lower protective “brain stem” is way more active. The touches are a signal to this part to switch off and for the upper, letting go “frontal lobe” to wake up. I’m judging just the right amount of force your body needs to feel safe and to relax. The effects are universal and powerful. Over a series of adjustments, the contact points develop and become better and better at actively helping your body digest the unresolved tension. This flows into your life, and in particular, helps you deal better with future stress and make good decisions for yourself. With less tension and stress on board, the natural wisdom of your body is able to fully express itself, making you healthier and helping you thrive!

If you ever have any questions about Network Spinal, Thrive, or what Dr. Brooke does to live and thrive at her fullest potential, let us know! We are here for all people to help create the healthiest community imaginable.

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