Kids and Chiropractic

I regularly have people tell me they have looked at my website, and were surprised by the fact that I see pregnant women and kids. Most people assume chiropractic is for getting rid of headaches, neck pain, and the like. Many people do not realize that everyone, regardless of their age, can benefit from regular chiropractic care. In fact, if you have a spine and a nerve system, you would benefit from being checked by a chiropractor.

Dr. Brooke’s Daughter’s Story

Both of my daughters have been checked and adjusted (when needed) from the moment they were born. A couple weeks ago, my older daughter, Harley, was with me at the office. At one point she began to have a headache (due to watching a movie and laying in an awkward position). After I checked her neck and adjusted her, the headache immediately went away. Check out the video to hear her story.

Chiropractic for the Nerve system

Chiropractic, is not a treatment for headaches, or neck pain, or anything really. The focus of chiropractic, and my intent when I check and adjust my practice members, is to clear any interference to the function of the nervous system. However, when I make an adjustment, the body is then able to restore the connection between the brain and the body, and can heal itself. This means that headaches and pain will often go away! Who do you know who is just dealing with headaches? Who in your life would benefit from Chiropractic care? Have you had your kid’s nerve system checked?

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