Self-Care: The best lesson learned from airline safety instructions

Have you ever paid attention to the safety instructions when flying?  You know…”in the event oxygen masks drop down from the ceiling”?  Well, if you are one to ignore the flight attendants, I will share them.  Make sure you put on your own mask before assisting others.  This got me thinking about how that relates to our health and self-care.  Check out this video I recorded in November:

Cancer was my wake up call

When I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in 2014, I wasn’t following the all important “flight” instructions.  As a wife, mom, and chiropractor…as a nurturer by nature…I was putting everyone else’s needs ahead of my own.  For example, I spent the previous year on a quest to figure out why my young daughter had eczema.  Once I finally got my own self checked out, I was told those two dreaded words, “It’s cancer.”  Not only did I learn in the next few weeks that my daughter’s eczema was in fact a symptom of my own lack of health, but also that I had a decision to make.  Put myself first, or risk not being there for the people I loved the most.

How do you care for yourself?

Obviously the first suggestion I have for self-care is regular Chiropractic care!  Chiropractic helps your body function at 100%!  Additionally, as referenced in the video above, I personally like massage therapy.  Also, I recently got my first facial!  Check out the video I did below sharing that “Adventure” in Self-Care:

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