When I was a child, my parents went to the chiropractor.  Other than the cool electric powered adjusting table he let us take rides on, I have only vague memories of their visits.  The course of my life changed, however, when my parents changed chiropractors.  At some point after that switch, my siblings and I started getting adjusted. At the age of 6, those adjustments led to curiosity. What is the chiropractor doing?  Why is he doing it?  How does it work?  Those questions and the answers I got were just the beginning.

If you have never been to a chiropractor, you may have a lot of questions just like I did.  Today, I want to answer two questions: what I do, and what I stand for.

I, Dr. Brooke Silberhorn, stand for a world that is whole, healthy, & connected, and where families choose to Thrive!

I help families express the best version of themselves by unlocking their body’s innate potential for healing, health, & life, so they can live fully connected and Thrive!

There is so much more to share, so stay tuned…this is just the beginning!