We all possess the ability to heal.

It doesn’t come from the food we eat, the vitamins we take or the exercise we get. It’s something we are born with. ALL the wisdom of life and ALL healing you will ever need resides WITHIN you. Many people will spend a LIFETIME searching OUTSIDE themselves for a magic cure or solution; all the while forgetting and ignoring that the best doctor is INSIDE of them. This is the doctor we work with. Chiropractic recognizes this inborn potential and allows YOU to express more of it.

“I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14

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We believe you were

Made to Thrive!

Our vision at Thrive Chiropractic is for people in our community and all over the world to live their lives to their fullest potential and to THRIVE!

In order to fulfill our vision, our mission at Thrive Chiropractic is to help families express the best versions of themselves by unlocking their body’s innate potential for healing, health, & life, so they can live fully connected and THRIVE!

We feel you deserve the best. You deserve the same amount of care that we and our families receive. We have made regular Chiropractic care simple, easy and affordable.

When you’re ready to start living to your potential; ready to express who and what you truly are, give us a call – we’re ready when you are. Don’t just Live… Choose to Thrive!

Don’t just Live… Choose to Thrive!

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About us

Thrive Chiropractic is unique in two ways. First, we believe healing comes from the inside out. Because of that belief, Dr. Brooke will tell you that what she does is not a miracle. The true miracle is You! Our job at Thrive Chiropractic is to simply unleash life and the miracle that you are!

Second, we believe that Chiropractic should be regular and affordable, for the entire family. The way we accomplish that objective at Thrive Chiropractic is through our Membership options. Thrive Chiropractic is Ocala’s first membership practice and we love seeing entire families Thrive!

Meet Dr. Brooke


I am so excited to be a part of Ocala and the surrounding area! In 2015, my family and I moved here from Rockford, Illinois, in part to get away from cold weather and in part to be closer to my sister’s family (who has been in Ocala for 10 years). My husband, Jason is a service technician at Ford Lincoln Ocala, and we have two daughters, Harley and Ashlyn. On the main page you will find our office vision and mission statements, but my personal purpose is first to Honor God and second to help others. My main vehicle of fulfilling these things is chiropractic. If faith is not your thing, that is ok, but if it is something we have in common, feel free to share with me so I can pray specifically for you! I am originally from Iowa and am a small town girl at heart. (I hear people call Ocala a small town, but visit my hometown of 900 and then you’ll understand small!) I got my degree in Biology from Northwestern College, a small Christian College in Orange City, IA. I attended Chiropractic College at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN. It was there that I fell in love with the city. From super small town to big city, Ocala is a happy medium for me.

After graduating from Chiropractic College in 2006, I moved to southern Minnesota, near Rochester (home of Mayo Clinic), and worked in a chiropractic office as an associate Doctor for 2 years. From there, I moved to northern Illinois, where I met my husband and lived and worked as an associate Doctor for just over 6 years. I have always known that God was leading me wherever I went (and I have the stories to prove it!). My years of working for other Chiropractors were years of learning and growth. Now, I am been blessed to watch God move in my life and make Thrive Chiropractic come to fruition!

Torque Release Technique (TRT)

TRT is a specific techqniue to analyze the nerve system and is a combination of the “best of the best” tehcniques in chiropractic. The chiropractor may use The Integrator™, a torque and recoil release adjusting instrument. It is one of the most researched techniques in chiropractic.

Webster Technique

The Webster Tehcnique is a specific chiropracitic technique for pregnant women. The technique focuses on restoring balance to the pelvis to help with the baby’s growth, development, and movement. When the pelvis is in proper alignment this helps with the birth and delivery process.

Infant Adjusting

Have you ever checked the ripness of a tomato? That’s the amount of pressure that is used in adjusting infants. Dr. Brooke has a lot of experience adjusting infants from birth, including her own daughters who were both adjusted minutes after they were born!

Manual/Drop Adjusting

Manual/Drop Adjusting Depending upon your evaluation, a drop/manual adjustment could be best for your spine. After the chiropractor analyzes the spine, a specific chiropractic adjustment will be made. They can use the drop pieces (a part of the table) to assist in the adjustment.


I first brought my son in to Dr. Brooke because he had been suffering from severe reflux all 5 months of his short life. He was so unhappy and uncomfortable, he didn’t sleep and was not reaching his developmental milestones. I am so happy we started chiropractic care because he is overall more comfortable, happy, and growing and moving the way a baby should!


My family and I have been under Dr. Brooke’s care for almost 4 years.  I started due to chronic pain I was having in my knee and hip from an old injury.  Within a few months I was feeling so much better, my pain was virtually gone and my health overall had improved.  It was at that time I decided that my whole family would benefit. I can honestly say that in the last 4 years our families overall health has improved. We have had less sick days at work and school.  My husband who had suffered from migraines on a regular basis saw those virtually leave his life.  My son who has Cerebral Palsy has had improvement in how he walks and in the function of hand that is most affected.  I cannot say enough about what Chiropractic care has done for our family.  Dr. Brooke is amazing to have on your side


I started seeing Dr. Brooke for headaches. After a couple months, my husband and  two sons started care.  Since then, Dr. Brooke has cared for my family through many things, including two pregnancies… and the births of my son and daughter! All of my kids love getting adjusted…sometimes they race to get on the table!


Dr. Brooke is an amazing chiropractor and person. She stays up to date on all the latest studies and definitely knows what she is doing. I got adjusted during my pregnancy and she has adjusted my twin girls since they were about 3 months old. One of my girls absolutely loved Dr. Brooke. She would cry all day, but stop immediately when I would say, “Let’s go see Dr. Brooke”! 

We are sad she moved away.


Getting Started

Step 1:

Consultation. At your first visit you will find out about us and we find out about you! During this time you will be free to address any health concerns and goals that you may have, as well as addressing any past damages and traumas you may have endured that will help us address the cause of your health concerns.

Step 2:

Chiropractic Evaluation. Following the consultation Dr. Brooke will evaluate you to determine if Chiropractic can in fact help you. Part of the evaluation includes testing using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment which assesses the overall function of your nerve system.

Step 3:

Recommendations and Adjustment. On your second visit Dr. Brooke will then discuss with you whether you are a good candidate for chiropractic care as well as her recommendations. Your second visit will end with your first adjustment: the first step to unleashing your life as God intended!


We believe that the best relationships in life, both personal and professional are built on openness, transparency, and honesty. In the spirit of these three fundamentals and so there will be no financial surprises for either party, our fees are described as follows. We are committed to providing you with the best chiropractic care possible in order to help you achieve your maximum health potential. To ensure the highest quality chiropractic care possible, we have chosen not to participate in insurance networks and care plans are based on your individual needs. This helps to remove the obstacle of finances in the doctor-patient relationship. It allows me to focus on the “service” aspect of health care, and what is truly most important — YOU!


Our Consultation is always no charge. We want you to be able to find out about our office without any obligation. If you like what you see and hear, you can then proceed with the examination.


Our Examination fee is $100.

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Did you know that your nervous system controls and coordinates EVERY function in your body? This means your nervous system tells your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, your stomach to digest the food you just ate, and your skin to heal the cut on your finger. When there is no interference to the function of your nervous system and it is able to communicate appropriately with your body, your body is working at 100% or working at its optimal potential. Your body can now heal and function the way it was intended. Your spine is designed to protect your nervous system (and also give your brain feedback when it moves). When one of your 24 spinal bones (called vertebrae) moves out of alignment, your cells, organs, tissues and glands are no longer working at 100%. This misalignment is what chiropractors call a Subluxation. When you are subluxated, it is kind of like driving with a parking brake on. With a parking brake on, your car will move, but not very effectively. Similarly, when you have subluxation interfering with the connection between your brain and your body, You are NOT able to heal and function at your best.

Expressing full life and health is your birthright. Our practice is helping people to do this every single day. It has transformed the lives of our members, and it can transform yours too. Our practice is designed to make regular chiropractic care simple, easy and affordable. So, what does your spine have to do with your health? EVERYTHING! Get yours evaluated today!

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Phone: (+1) 352 299 1285

Hours:  Monday 10AM–12PM and 3:30PM–6PM | Tuesday 3:30PM–6PM
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