Gentle Chiropractic

Dr. Brooke is trained in a specialized chiropractic technique called Network Spinal.  Instead of popping and cracking the spinal joints, Network Spinal uses gentle precise touches to the spine which cue the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies to experience the world, adapt to stress, dissipate tension from the spine and nerves, connect with your body’s natural rhythms, experience greater well being, and make healthier choices.


Dr. Brooke is certified in Webster Technique which is a specific chiropractic technique for pregnant women. The technique focuses on restoring balance to the pelvis to help with the baby’s growth, development, and movement. When the pelvis is in proper alignment this helps with the birth and delivery process.


Have you ever checked the ripeness of a tomato? That is greater than the amount of pressure that is used in adjusting infants. Dr. Brooke has a lot of experience adjusting infants from birth, including her own daughters who were both adjusted minutes after they were born!

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