Meet Dr. Brooke

I am so excited to be a part of Ocala and the surrounding area! In 2015, my family and I moved here from Rockford, Illinois, in part to get away from cold weather and in part to be closer to my sister’s family (who has been in Ocala for 10 years). My husband, Jason is a service technician at Ford Lincoln Ocala, and we have two daughters, Harley and Ashlyn. On the main page you will find our office vision and mission statements, but my personal purpose is first to Honor God and second to help others. My main vehicle of fulfilling these things is chiropractic. If faith is not your thing, that is ok, but if it is something we have in common, feel free to share with me so I can pray specifically for you! I am originally from Iowa and am a small town girl at heart. (I hear people call Ocala a small town, but visit my hometown of 900 and then you’ll understand small!) I got my degree in Biology from Northwestern College, a small Christian College in Orange City, IA. I attended Chiropractic College at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN. It was there that I fell in love with the city. From super small town to big city, Ocala is a happy medium for me.

After graduating from Chiropractic College in 2006, I moved to southern Minnesota, near Rochester (home of Mayo Clinic), and worked in a chiropractic office as an associate Doctor for 2 years. From there, I moved to northern Illinois, where I met my husband and lived and worked as an associate Doctor for just over 6 years. I have always known that God was leading me wherever I went (and I have the stories to prove it!). My years of working for other Chiropractors were years of learning and growth. Now, I am been blessed to watch God move in my life and make Thrive Chiropractic come to fruition!