A life of Gratitude.

How do we practically live a life of gratitude?  One of my favorite methods is to journal DAILY. When we put pen to paper and express sincere thankfulness, there are specific centers of the brain that will show change for up to three months.  This is one of the reasons we are doing a 30-day Gratitude Challenge throughout the month of November!  It’s not too late to start…if you want to join us, send Dr. Brooke a message at [email protected]

Sometimes the thought of Journaling is a daunting idea.  Don’t make it difficult!  First, I suggest journaling at the end of the day, so you can review your day.  I also recommend starting with just one thing per day, and then increase the number as you get the gratitude juices flowing!  Sara Gottfried MD suggests journaling the 4 G’s: what you are Grateful for, Good things that happened that day, Glitches that you can learn from, and Goals for the next day.  (I also like this, because the good and the glitches keep you in balance emotionally.  By focusing only on the good…we can eventually become prideful.  By having gratitude for even the things we percieve to be “bad”, we will find we are more emotionally stable.)  

For couples and families, I suggest showing gratitude toward each other by writing little notes of thankfulness.  One suggestion is to write one thing on a mirror or a picture frame each day.  My husband and I love to hide post-it notes in each others vehicles.  If you pack your child’s lunch put a little note telling whem why you are thankful for them in their lunch bag.  The possibilities are endless!  The best part is as you do this…you will notice that you actually will like each other more!  One final suggestion is to write notes of gratitude to someone in your life…and mail it to them!  

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