Want to know a little about me and my family?

Five Years Ago…Today

Five years ago I was an associate chiropractor at Blackman Chiropractic in Roscoe, IL.  I woke up on the morning of Saturday, December 8, and got ready for work. For the most part it was a normal busy Saturday, but things quickly changed when I felt a pop as I adjusted a patient.  After they left I went up front and sat down next to our assistant Jude and said, “I don’t know Jude…”

Almost immediately my water broke! I was still three weeks from my due date, but I called my husband Jason and said, “Ashlyn is coming today!”

While I was prepared to drive myself home, Jude told me we needed to call an ambulance. I said, “No! They will take me to the hospital, and I’m having a home birth!”  Jude called our boss, Trina, who agreed to meet us at my house.  The plan was Jude would drive me in my car, Trina would come adjust me, and then take Jude back to the office to get her car.  Thankfully I didn’t try to drive myself…my contractions quickly escalated!

I will spare you all the details, but five hours later, Ashlyn entered the world and our family is so grateful for her!

Three other things I am grateful for:

  1. Being adjusted throughout my pregnancy
  2. Getting adjusted the day of her birth, AND
  3. Adjusting Ashlyn within minutes of being born!

Five Years Later…Today

Today we celebrate Ashlyn and all that she is…a sweet, smart, sometimes stubborn (like her daddy), healthy, happy, chiropractic kid! Happy birthday sweetie!