About Us

At Thrive Chiropractic we believe healing comes from the inside out. Because of that belief, Dr. Brooke will tell you that what she does is not a miracle. The true miracle is You! Our job at Thrive Chiropractic is to simply unleash life and the miracle that you are!

Did you know that your nervous system controls and coordinates EVERY function in your body? This means your nervous system tells your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, your stomach to digest the food you just ate, and your skin to heal the cut on your finger. When there is no interference to the function of your nervous system and it is able to communicate appropriately with your body, your body is working at 100% or working at its optimal potential. Your body can now heal and function the way it was intended. Your spine is designed to protect your nervous system (and also give your brain feedback when it moves). When one of your 24 spinal bones (called vertebrae) moves out of alignment, your cells, organs, tissues and glands are no longer working at 100%. This misalignment is what chiropractors call a Subluxation. When you are subluxated, it is kind of like driving with a parking brake on. With a parking brake on, your car will move, but not very effectively. Similarly, when you have subluxation interfering with the connection between your brain and your body, You are NOT able to heal and function at your best.

Expressing full life and health is your birthright. Our practice is helping people to do this every single day. It has transformed the lives of our members, and it can transform yours too. Our practice is designed to make regular chiropractic care simple, easy and affordable. So, what does your spine have to do with your health? EVERYTHING! Get yours evaluated today!